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tact – social earphones


enabling social encounters with smart earphones

Have you ever felt encapsulated when listening to music on your earphones in public? How does this „bubble“ affect your interactions with other people that might want to approach you and talk to you?

We designed a set of smart earphones that automatically pause your music as soon as they are taken out – so you can tactfully focus on the conversation instead of interacting with your phone.
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Zodiac Aerospace

Helping Zodiac Aerospace to become a service- & experience focussed company

The concept of current airplane kitchens and catering products has not been changed within the last forty years. However, airlines are trying to create unique user experiences for their passengers in every phase of the journey, whereby the galley plays a major role. Therefore, Zodiac Aerospace asked us to explore:

How will galleys facilitate in-flight experiences in 2030?

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