SensiBrace – UX design for a connected knee orthosis

A connected knee bracelet with motivating training support for a safe and quick recovery


User research insights: How to support hobby athletes with knee surgery


Hobby athletes who had to undergo a knee surgery want a quick recovery and limit their loss of muscle strength so that they can soon continue training with their team again. They are interested in the anatomy of their body, and are afraid of permanent limited movement and suffering from pain. The recovery process takes 6-10 weeks and can be verytedious and frustrating – that’s why we made SensiBrace:

SensiBrace is a smart knee orthosis and app that builds anatomical knowledge and supports the daily rehabilitation exercises at home for a quick and safe recovery.

Product Design: Designing a sportive bracelet






I designed the knee bracelet to be experienced as sports equipment rather than a medical device. An embedded sensor measures the bend angle and helps to carefully push the boundaries. The connected app allows athletes to track their recovery process:




Unsupervised resting and training are pain points

In the customer journey map, the pain points are highlighted: The resting period and the two weeks of unsupervised training at home, as well as the transition to regular training can be improved. A positive experience driver are the sessions with the physiotherapist and the final check-up with the doctor, because the patients progress is most made apparent to him in these meetings.

Supporting rehabilitation training at home



Custom rehab guide

Right after a surgery, the physio therapist gives the knee orthotic to the patient and plan an individual training schedule using the app.

Accurate knee training

During home rehabilitation, the patient trains with the app and the sensors inside the orthotic record the movements and the healing progress.

Direct expert support

Physio therapists can monitor the healing progress and correct training mistakes in-time. Accurate data is used to have clear conversations.