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Helping Zodiac Aerospace to become a service- & experience focussed company

The concept of current airplane kitchens and catering products has not been changed within the last forty years. However, airlines are trying to create unique user experiences for their passengers in every phase of the journey, whereby the galley plays a major role. Therefore, Zodiac Aerospace asked us to explore:

How will galleys facilitate in-flight experiences in 2030?

Our approach: Agile and client-focused process


Facilitating in-flight experiences in a flexible way


“Our mission is to support Zodiac Aerospace in proactively shaping the future of aviation, by envisioning the galley as an agile solution space that facilitates future services and creates possibilities for new businesses for key stakeholders, whilst enhancing the experience of the passenger and the crew.”

Initial ideas: Creating inflight destinations

modulair_journey inflight_destination_concept

Modulair – Modularity at its core

Modulair is a modular, easily adaptable galley which enables airlines to react on changing catering demands and route requirements by exchanging functional elements or even replacing the whole galley with seats.


Flight attendants benefit from an improved working environment and automated processes which gives them more time to provide better, personalised services to their passengers.



The novelty of Modulair is letting go of the paradigm of a fixed galley monument with ovens and trolleys, while focusing on a new modular concept that enables airlines to provide the best service for passengers, and the best work environment for flight attendants.
Modulair is adaptable for every airline and catering situation. It consists of modules – a trolley combined with an easily exchangeable “onsert”. The amount and type of modules can be adjusted to the services offered on each flight.

Crew- and passenger experience in every detail



Economic benefits of Modulair

Fuel savings, changing market needs, co-branding opportunities
The airlines can exclude unnecessary weight that is not needed on short flights. This directly leads to cost savings on fuel. Airlines can now answer the market needs on the right time, because of the high flexibility of the interchangeable modules And so branding opportunities arise for brands as well, because of higher seasonal flexibility. Now brands can tap into trends and serve their flying clients, resulting in a higher sales rate up in the air. Caterers enter a new business of ‘smart catering’ and can expand their current services.

Building an experience model

In order to test the improved experience and develop new in-flight services, we built a model of Modulair for Zodiacs’ Experience Lab in Alkmaar.



Towards a service- & experience focussed company

The final concept Modulair is not only a design exploration that demonstrates future opportunities and possible directions – by working on this concept we also brought the internal stakeholders of Zodiac Aerospace together and gave them a unifying vision.

We sparked a shift towards thinking of the galley as a touch-point in a Product-Service-System – a user friendly “tool” for airlines to deliver services and pleasant in-flight experiences, for both passengers and the crew.


Finalist for the Crystal Cabin Award

The project was selected as one of three finalist in the university category of the prestigious Crystal Cabin Award.



Watch the video:

Password for the video: Modulair UX design

Module: Joint Master Project
Company: Zodiac Aerospace – Galley Division
Duration: five month
Contributors: Bente Bak, Joppe van Dijk, Fabian BitterJonathan Schanz, Sim Castle
My role: User Research | Design Thinking | Prototyping | Conceptualising | Visualizing | CAD & Embodiment | Rendering | Model-building