reviving personal memories

In the past, we took pictures to preserve and remember moments.
Today, this has changed: We now take pictures to share them. Our smart phones and social media are becoming our externalised memory – but while the pictures of great events are curated by sharing them on social networks – pictures of small moments will get cluttered in abundance and forgotten at some point.


Small moments make us grounded in our lives

I, however, believe that small moments and our memories of them are important for feeling authentic and grounded in your life. Therefore, I designed me.mento.

me.mento is a printer which reminds you and makes you appreciate those small moments by printing such a picture from time to time.



Appreciating small moments

With this concept, I want to nudge people who take many quick smart phone pictures to appreciate and remember not only important events but also small social moments. This project is featured in the book „Materializing Memory in Art and Popular Culture“ by Laszlo Muntean, Liedeke Plate and Anneke Smelik. It will be published in 2017.