Exploring Augmented Reality Design

How can unboxing experiences be enhanced with digital tools?

In order to create and pitch augmented packaging experiences to our clients, I took some time to learn coding for augmented reality applications. I used Unity3D, a game and motion design tool, in combination with Vuforia, which is a image recognition and augmented reality plugin.


I managed to quickly get the actual coding and scene setup working, so I could explore the possibilities in overlaying physical objects with digital elements: I created a virtual product packaging floating over a brand logo, and enhanced a creative tool set by overlaying 4D motion graphics. Furthermore, I augmented the REGGS company logo with some digital magic.


The only difficulty I had was to apply realistic materials and shaders on my android mobile. I assume the limited capabilities of mobile devices require more special knowledge when building realistic 3D models.


Videography and edit by Willem-Joop Lagarde and me.