Casual Chair

contemporary felt chair for small series production

The process of creating the Casual Chair was inspired by experimenting with different materials and folding techniques, to develop an unique characteristic and a construction which allows in-house production of a small series of chairs.

We spent many hours in the workshop experimenting directly with materials to create an unconventional but easy lounge chair. For our design we used the advantages of strong felt, which is usually used as a carpet. The unique folding was inspired by casual duffle coats.



The generous arm rests can easily be formed in different positions. Fixed by two toggle buttons, they can be opened and allow a more comfortable sitting position. Those who want extra cosiness can erect the side parts to form a collar-like privacy wall.


The Casual Chair won the 2014 h24 global design challenge and is now available at Here is what the jury said:


Contributor: Kathrin Höfer