Areas of Expertise

Interaction and Experience Design
Designing Interactions and Experiences
Mapping user experience flows
Creating vivid personas and storyboards
Defining characteristic interaction qualities
Conceptualising interactive products
User Research
User Research and Product Testing
Conducting expert- and user interviews
Observing behaviour (in context, UX-lab)
Context-mapping-sessions and focus groups
Analysing and communicating insights
Prototyping for Experience
Prototyping for Experience
Hand-crafting quick mock-ups
Rapid prototyping (3D-printing, CNC)
Interface prototyping (Arduino,
Testing prototypes, implementing feedback
Product Design
Product Design
Market and competitor analysis
Sketching ideas and concepts
CAD: Rhino 3D (+Grasshopper), SolidWorks
Rendering: Keyshot, Cinema 4D
Visualising and Communicating
Visualising and Communicating
Writing reporting and public speaking
Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects
Photography, videography
Design Thinking  and Service Design
Design Thinking and Service Design
Facilitating creative workshops
Co-creation methods
Designing product-service-systems
Implementing brand experiences